Kyadondo: Why Bobi Wine Should Win

I wish Bobi Wine wins this election! For me, this means a lot.

One: It is a big defeat  to the combined force of Museveni and Besigye. Both men have heavily backed their respective candidates. If Bobi Wine beats them, it means that their political invincibility is steadily fading.

Two: The fading invincibility of KB and YKM is good for generational balance. We live in a country dominated (in numbers) by youth, but dominated by men and women of 60+ (politically & economically). A critical look at our cabinet clearly tells you this.

I am tired of the “before 1986” club of political leaders. That story is very irrelevant to many youths. Many young Ugandans were not there before 1986, and that is not our problem. We actually do not care! Whatever happened before 1986 is their business. That was their problem. The chaps that took up arms, Thank You for playing Heros! But we still don’t care. That was your problem, and you took care of it. We too have our own problems. Just like we don’t care about your problems of 1980, you too do not care about our current problems. But that is not fair. While we were not there in 1980, you are actually still here in 2016!  Kindly leave 2016 for us.

It is not an accident that the prices of air time and internet are so high in Uganda. How do you expect a man of 70 years to understand the impact of the internet in Uganda today? How do you expect a man who used the Post Office for communication during his prime, to understand the need to have cheap internet prices? Does such a man understand that many Ugandans use the internet as their trade platform? Many young Ugandans, now rely on the internet for their businesses. Well, even rent for office space is immoral. An online office makes sense. But this “before 1986” generation will never understand that.

For me, Bobi Wine’s win is as important as it is symbolic. His win, will be a clear communication that we, the young, are taking care of our generation. We need to take charge so that we can also tell our children a story. Just like our fathers told us the stories about the “bush-war heros” as we grew up, we too need to write our own story to tell our children, otherwise, they will ask us where we were when our country went to the dogs.