The Rush Back to Basics

A few years back,one had to roam around Kampala to find a bar that plays real good Old School music.
(For purposes of this post I will limit Old Skool to music released mainly between 1980-2000. I know some people will disagree with me. But again,this is my wall).
However,it can not be denied that there is an active segment/fan base of this beautiful music(some people I know,like Joggo Adams,Alex Hunt,…etc listen to nothing else!).
Other people,just for the love of music have even sacrificed time and made sure that the music does not fade away. This explains the popular Old Skool party,trading under the franchise Back II Basics. And yet other people have even taken it to a different level! Someone started a bar that plays strictly Old School music. This bar plays music as far as the 1960s,…24/7! Thanks to the brain behind Old Timers-Ntinda (now in Ntinda,again!).
One time,I remember Dj Val Oketcho,with a lot of worry in his tone,saying, “Man,we are getting extinct”.
But that was then. Today,it looks like there is an unwritten rule. A rule that every bar that is worth mentioning,should dedicate a day, or two to Old Skool music. Some,weekly,others at least once or twice a month. The trend has become so unpredictable that you could actually listen to Old School music almost everyday,if you spread your week through different bars. Even bars that have been known to be popular with a very young crowd of 90s born(s) have actually welcomed this.
The beauty about this trend is that the music is being played by people who have been in the game,and actually understand this music. We are talking about people like Selector Jay,Val,Mose,Michos,Dru Nyce, Pita, Gee Em, etc. I have met Alex Ndawula several times at these themed parties. This means that one can be sure of enjoying real good music.

But for me, the question is why this trend? What has changed so much in our entertainment industry, that suddenly there is this sudden desire to go back to basics? Is it the invasion of a lot of music,that more often disappears as soon as it is released? Perhaps its the truth: that there was better music back then…

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